Furanones: Quorum-Sensing Inhibitors

Researches has shown the ability of furanones for inhibiting biofilm formation by blocking the signaling system between bacteria or "Quorum- Sensing".

These complex communities called biofilms, contribute to the strength and persistence of many pathogenic bacteria in food processing facilities, contributing to foodborne Illness.

The control and eradication of biofilms require different strategies, including periodic processes of cleaning and sanitizing with chemicals of high efficiency.

To form biofilms, bacteria communicate cell to cell  through signaling molecules, a mechanism known as "Quorum - Sensing" (QS). This chemical signal  allow them to live together and protected by a sticky matrix and adherent, evading the action of sanitizers and other chemicals solutions.

Scientists are working on the development of new disinfectants, whose mechanism of action is blocking the QS. This  interference of communication, prevents bacteria are added and thus could prevent the development of biofilm.

For this purpose, has been testing the action of substances called furanones, whose molecule were originally isolated from a type of algae called Delisea pulchra. Using synthetic variants of this substance,  have  ability to block the communication between bacteria and to inhibit complex formation of Salmonella enterica biofilm.

Currently also being tested sanitizers with addition of furanones to enhance antibiofilm activity, due to their antagonistic properties.

Research on initial biofilm formation of Streptocuccus mutans, principal  responsible for the formation of dental plaque and tooth decay, have ratified the inhibitory effect of synthetic furanones.

The discovery of these new molecules which prevent plaque formation by interfering with the QS, opens a new field of food science research and dental care, which could lead to common solutions, "the future of the toothpaste and disinfectant ideal for combating biofilm. "

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